Topcatbtc on Discord

December 14, 2019, by Admin

Join using same username as here you receive 100 satoshis added to your Topcatbtc account



We recently added a new bot so you can now earn bitcoin though discord stop in and browse around type help in any channel and our custom bot will guide you on becoming a discord pro

keep on the look out for dropped coins just by chatting, you will also find free bonds code randomly dropped which you can redeem here on topcatbtc

both topcatbtc and discord are honored by our commitment to pay our members with a simple command:  $withdraw btc

Some screenshots:

Get Paid

wallet balnce

Tip log

level up reward

coins supported




Adding your EC-userid/direct withdrawal

December 14, 2019, by Admin

good day all with our latest update to add your Ec-userid-# click on


Account > Settings


update your ec-userid


Direct withdrawal has been lowered to 2k sats 3% will re removed per request using this option

Back to Normal

December 10, 2019, by Admin

Now that we are fully set-up with EC and allowed our member to test the payments with the min 10sats We are returning back to our Normal 1,000 sats which we extended since Thanksgiving weekend We hope you enjoy yourself and continue earning






Back up Instant

November 23, 2019, by Admin

Sorry for the Maint. mode we was getting quite upset with our payments not going instant after being up all night we fiqured out quite a few of our issues.  Payments are now instant again, surf ads are working again and your able to see what you earned after clicking claim on the faucet. is now back online and paying instant to Express-Crypto use our referral link if not yet a member 

or Direct to your wallet is still an option

NOW with express-crypto option

November 21, 2019, by Admin now set-up for express-crypto as payment processor, If not a member join here

We seem to have an issue and will check once home from work please bare with us as we try to fiqure it out hopefully quickly