Proxy&vpn Banned!

September 4, 2019, by Admin

Topcatbtc members,


This will be enforced to all members and wish we didnt have to but scammers won't win


If your reading this message your most likely safe

Full security now active!


In the pass 24hrs we have removed an additional 10+ scammers with multi accounts requesting payouts you can see some of these on our payment page as "refused" because of this we are forced by these scammers not to allow any proxy/vpn or has a "threat score" above 50%.  Yes, this will slow our site with members joining, We understand some legit members uses proxy but we rather have only 1 sure legit  user and 1 sure legit Faucet owner rather than have 100+ scammers benefit from our site overtime.

If you like to check your ip to see if you could have issues here is step by step instructions:


  1. copy your ip here

2.  paste your ip here and

2 things to check:

a:) Detection: - should be CLEAN / UNDETECTED

b:) Risk Score: 0% - LIKELY SAFE (above 50% could face issues) 







Advertising on Topcatbtc

September 2, 2019, by Admin

Topcatbtc members,


It seems for quite some time we been having issues with coin payment not talking to our site when you placed your ad on topcatbtc, this was recently brought to our attention and have fixed the issue after placing your ad it will be active after the first confirmation sorry if this caused any inconvience.

Multiple accounts-ban coming

August 25, 2019, by Admin

International message


32 members banned in first wave without warning:

Multiple accounts are not allowed when we detect your account with a 98.9% detection all your accounts will be banned.


you have 48hrs to notified us in faucethub to remove your 2nd account failure to do so and we see you in the 2nd ban wave will result in your main account from also being banned this is your 1 chance to inform as to keep your main account safe.

topcatbtc admin


32 anggota dilarang di gelombang pertama tanpa peringatan:

Banyak akun tidak diizinkan jika kami mendeteksi akun Anda dengan deteksi 98,9%, semua akun Anda akan diblokir.

Anda memiliki 48 jam untuk memberi tahu kami di faucethub untuk menghapus kegagalan akun 2 Anda untuk melakukannya dan kami melihat Anda dalam gelombang larangan 2 akan mengakibatkan akun utama Anda juga dilarang.

admin topcatbtc


32 miembros prohibidos en la primera ola sin previo aviso:

No se permiten varias cuentas si detectamos su cuenta con una detección del 98.9%, toda su cuenta será bloqueada.

tiene 48 horas para notificarnos en faucethub para eliminar la falla de su segunda cuenta y lo vemos en la segunda ola de prohibición dará como resultado que su cuenta principal también sea prohibida

administrador de topcatbtc


32 membros banidos na primeira onda sem aviso:

Várias contas não são permitidas se detectarmos sua conta com uma detecção de 98,9%. Toda a sua conta será banida.

você tem 48 horas para nos notificar em faucethub para remover sua 2ª falha na conta e nós o veremos na 2ª onda de banimento, o que fará com que sua conta principal também seja banida

administrador topcatbtc

New host

August 24, 2019, by Admin

Topcatbtc members,


Sorry for the recent downtime of our site the host that was hosting us stopped our members from seeing our site due to the large amount of cpu resources we was using when large amount of members was on at the same time . To correct this we have recently migrated to a new host with:

enhance datacenter efficiency with the PowerEdge™ M1000e Blade Enclosure, Dell’s state-of-the-art shared infrastructure. Here every component is fully redundant, from power supply to the network card, featuring high-speed SAN that delivers unparalleled uptime, performance, and reliability. The result? 100% uptime, every month.


Account balance and all member information remained intacted during the process We hope you continue to enjoy the site.



Topcatbtc admin

site maint.

August 21, 2019, by Admin

Status: Hora and trx faucets now added under "earn more"

Sorry for the extended downtime we ran into an issue with our lastest update things are now back to normal.


topcatbtc will be offline for an update tonight starting at 20:0000 server tiime estimated 30mins downtime