Pending Payouts Pending

November 19, 2019, by Admin

Good day Topcatbtc members just wanted to keep you updated you will see 3 pending pyouts on our payment page, the 3rd payout in the amount of 10,126 has been sent from our coinbase to thier account, however we cant seem to update our script at the moment to reflect this payment. We are working to try and fiqure it out asap.

We  try to reduce the doubt in our members by keeping you informed of issues or changes and 1 of the main reason for the live chat we may also add a forum so members can post if they are getting their payouts and suggestions.


Have a great day claiming and Thank you for being here



Enjoy your last payout!!!

November 16, 2019, by Admin

            update 11/17/19

                                      be wise Don't multiply----1 account only if you want to be paid

SashkaPoleno - balance 2,053

Sddgaaev45 - balance 2,292

KiryaPirya- balance 2,156

as we check more accounts we found some more scammers as if we won't do our homework before paying you.
There are more users but we are giving you a chance to STOP! Don't be the next to be banned.

If clicking ads with multi accounts for weeks to be banned from our site and not get paid at all Please continue to try and scam us your hard work gets our legit single account members paid

                            Now that we have everyone attention!!

nasiysykati- balance 2,082

kuzinovdens-balance 2,203

We hope you enjoyed yourself with our site and for clicking and veiwing  our ads however, now your banned for being a lowlife scammer trying to use a multi account after being warned not to. We allowed you to earn us revenue to pay the legit members here Thank you. We will gladly show you the proof of your wrong doing

and this was only the first check we aren't gonna show you our other few ways of checking accounts.

We will let you click for another day or 2 so we make sure you see this message


                                                      On a good note

Some of our members is already getting close on requesting their first direct payout here is the top three earners balances and We look forward on their first direct payout and yours as well

1) 8,219

2) 7,561

3) 5,611

NEW in-site faucet

November 13, 2019, by Admin

Claiming from our in-site faucet will now send your claims to your so your able to request a payout quicker and by pass micro-payment platforms.

Access the new faucet from the navagation bar or you can quickly reach it by clicking the link below


Fh Stopping operations

November 9, 2019, by Admin

Due to FH stopping operations we have suspended payouts to FH. direct payouts are avail at 10,000 sats  On the bright side no more micro-payment fees 


We may try to change over to these other micro-payment processors as a backup with express being our first choice
2nd choice

 We may just remove payment processors altogether and continue with direct payments only to your btc wallet using coinbase to any btc wallet as our preferred option

Proxy&vpn Banned!

September 4, 2019, by Admin

Topcatbtc members,


This will be enforced to all members and wish we didnt have to but scammers won't win


If your reading this message your most likely safe

Full security now active!


In the pass 24hrs we have removed an additional 10+ scammers with multi accounts requesting payouts you can see some of these on our payment page as "refused" because of this we are forced by these scammers not to allow any proxy/vpn or has a "threat score" above 50%.  Yes, this will slow our site with members joining, We understand some legit members uses proxy but we rather have only 1 sure legit  user and 1 sure legit Faucet owner rather than have 100+ scammers benefit from our site overtime.

If you like to check your ip to see if you could have issues here is step by step instructions:


  1. copy your ip here

2.  paste your ip here and

2 things to check:

a:) Detection: - should be CLEAN / UNDETECTED

b:) Risk Score: 0% - LIKELY SAFE (above 50% could face issues)