If you use a proxy/vpn or have a "threat score" above 50% your payment may go "vpn/proxy detected" in our Proof page

you will not be paid, however you will not be banned unless a multi-account is detected.

If you like to check your ip to see if you could have issues here are step by step instructions:

1. copy your ip from here

2. paste your ip here

2 things to check:
a:) Detection: - should be CLEAN / UNDETECTED
b:) Risk Score: 0% - LIKELY SAFE (above 50% could face issues)

If See a "ERROR 1030 Acess Denied" and above steps are clean? Contact us to whitelist your IP your country could be blocked

Please use a valid email address as we'll send you a verification link.
Important After login Add your-*EC-UserId- go to Settings-->overview